The Principal of BLUE SAILING, Jean-Paul Deloffre, has 30 years experience of coasting in South Brittany and knows every single creek, cove, or anchorage in Morbihan. He has also cruised extensively in Europe and made several transatlantic crossings...only to find out that nothing beats Morbihan for a combination of fine sailing weather, challenging pilotage, beautiful scenery and great food.

Jean-Paul Deloffre
Yachtmaster, Principal of BLUE SAILING
mob : +33 6 67 14 58 81 -


Marcus logged dozens of thousands of miles in both hemispheres, cruising and racing before becoming a Yachtmaster Instructor for a famous sailing school in the UK.

Jean-Paul managed to convince him to relocate in Brittany and become the Chief instructor of BLUE SAILING in 2010 where his track record of preparing hundreds of candidates for the Yachtmaster exam has been impressive. Marcus is friendly and relaxed...but will make you work hard !


John has a lifetime of sailing experience starting with dinghies and then on to cruising boats which he sailed along this Brittany coast in the 80s. He was involved in offshore racing in the UK for many years and then went on to qualify as a sailing instructor through the RYA training scheme.

He has been an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor for the last 10 years.
He has logged over 45000 miles at sea since 1995 and has worked as a sailing instructor for many RYA Sailing schools and as Charter and delivery skipper for private clients.

He has been an instructor with BLUE SAILING for four years, helping many sailors towards passing their Yachtmaster exam and knows the sailing area of the Morbihan coast very well.


Jasper is a Yachtmaster Instructor and has been sailing for 20 years, teaching, carrying out deliveries, cruising and racing. Whatever your level, you will quickly identify where to focus your learning and immediately see your progress.

Autonomy, adult-style learning, and fun will be the theme of your sailing week...and you will learn how to make the perfect cup of tea.


Jay's passion for the sea has led to a life of surfing and sailing in many areas around the world . Jay now lives and works in Morbihan. Jay finds the area a perfect training ground for Yachtmaster...and he has been to a lot of places !

Offering a huge variety within a 10nm radius gives him the opportunity to adjust the complexity of the training according to the individual's experience, and allows us to provide a challenge for even the most experienced skippers.